Featured Glaze Events

Join us for our featured glaze events!  We extend our everyday 60 colors to include matte, opaque, transparent and crystal glazes.  Here are some of the specialty glaze lines we will be introducing:

Crystal Glazes – Transfer the excitement of explosions onto bisque with Crystals Glazes, the easiest glaze family to apply! Crystal bits of varied sizes are embedded in the glaze and burst during the firing process to reveal an explosion of multicolor flecks. The result is a distinctive and unique array of colors that even a beginner artist can achieve.

Envision – Lead free and dinnerware-safe glazes that produce a gloss finish in a range of colors. Some are transparent and some are opaque (or somewhere in-between.) They are all food safe and lead free.

True Matte Glazes exude modern appeal with their smooth, matte finish that add a refined, sophisticated look to any design. This nontoxic, food-safe glaze features a comprehensive palette of prismatic colors that look stunning whether painted in monochromatic hues, paired with other colors or used in a Majolica technique.

These glazes are treated differently in our firing process therefore not available for everyday use. RSVP for our events or contact us to ask about scheduling it on different days of the week.